Biogas in Italy! What's happening?

Blog posts   •   Oct 05, 2016 07:05 GMT

CIG in Italy presents the new Italian directives for biomethane injected into the natural gas grid. Perspectives and Developments


The Magic Factory is now open!

Press Releases   •   Sep 15, 2016 07:00 GMT

​Malmberg biogas upgrading is magical. That´s what they say in Norway today. The Magic Factory (Den Magiske Fabrikken) outside Tønsberg in Norway has now been officially inaugurated. Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg was in place and Malmberg COMPACT® biogas upgrading plant does the job.


Congratulations, Minister of the Environment , Karolina!

Blog posts   •   May 29, 2016 11:39 GMT

As a Åhus company and also as a cleantech company, it is fantastic that our new Minister of the Environment, Karolina Skog is from Åhus and has also been a classmate to Sara Malmberg.


​The Swedish cleantech company Malmberg turns 150!

Press Releases   •   Apr 08, 2016 11:00 GMT

Malmberg is a leader in the areas of Water treatment, Biogas, Geothermal energy and Drilling. The company's headquarters are still in Åhus, outside Kristianstad, Sweden where it all started 150 years ago. Today, about 170 people at Malmberg, with subsidiaries in Germany, England, Denmark and the Baltic countries.


Record order for Malmberg in UK!

Press Releases   •   Mar 24, 2016 07:00 GMT

​The cleantech company Malmberg has received one of its largest orders ever. It is one of the major customers in England who ordered four Malmberg COMPACT® biogas upgrading plants. The entire order is worth approximately SEK 125 million SEK.


Erik Malmberg new CEO of Malmberg Water AB.

Press Releases   •   Jan 28, 2016 13:00 GMT

The cleantech company Malmberg largest company Malmberg Water AB appoints new CEO. Current CEO John Möllerström leaves and a change of leadership and role as CEO goes to Erik Malmberg.


New Malmberg COMPACT® to England

Blog posts   •   Dec 11, 2015 06:04 GMT

Malmberg has received an order on an expanding biogas market in England.


​Malmberg building new pumping stations to VA Syd

Blog posts   •   Dec 08, 2015 08:21 GMT

Veberöds WWT plant will be closed down and the wastewater will be pumped to Källby plant in Lund and purified there instead.


Energy for farmers at Agritechnica

Blog posts   •   Nov 11, 2015 15:14 GMT

​Right now, among 3000 exhibitors, we are exhibiting at one of the world's biggest fairs for farmers in Hanover, Germany.


Malmberg Biogas in Italy!

Blog posts   •   Nov 04, 2015 15:07 GMT

This week Malmberg Biogas are at Key Energy 2105 in Rimini, Italy.

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Malmberg is a global market and technology leader in the Cleantech sector. Our focus is on the design and production of plants for water treatment, biogas, geothermal energy and drilling, with production headquarters located in Åhus near Kristianstad, Sweden. Malmberg is a family owned business in operation since 1866 and with a workforce of 180 employees who work towards a better environment under the motto “Pure energy. Clean water.”